NYC Tri Race Prep Part 1 of 7

NYC_TriPart1By this time next weekend some of the tribe will be done jumping in the Hudson as we race the NYC Tri. For those athletes racing this is part 1 of 7 race day tips, tricks, advice, do, & do nots.

Let’s start with a few things to do in order to have a happy T1 (swim leg). Tip: Cut your finger & toe nails, this will prevent wetsuit tears! Trick: Set aside two plastic grocery bags, use these over your hands & feet when pulling on the wetsuit. (Put your hand inside the bag, put bagged hand in sleeve, pull wetsuit over that same arm) It will slide right on! Pick up #TriSlide by SBR Sports, Inc. Apply liberally to shoulders neck wrists and ankles. This prevents hot spots.  Use the pads of your fingers to pinch the wetsuit, lift it off of your skin and pull it up. The wetsuit should fit like a glove, no rolls, you can breath, and move your arms without restricting your swim stroke.

Advice: get to some open water to practice swimming without following the pool lane lines, wear the wetsuit. Swim with a friend and have them bump into you. Practice spotting buoy markers & breath from both side. Wear your race day goggles, I suggest a pair with tints from Blueseventy. Pick up #Foggle to prevent foggy goggles. Lastly attempt to swim 10-15% more than the race distance without stopping, don’t attempt after Tuesday of this week.

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