2014 Goals; Triathlon, Wedding, and Life

To see my history and original goal check out this page here: 2013 History https://tinman2ironman.com/about/

2014 – Let’s begin at the end, the end of 2013 that is. In 2013 I began my journey along the long lonely road to recovery. Forging my way through the trials and tribulations of the year. A New Hip, a New Job, and a New Life. Pretty amazing year if I say so myself. The first two were easy and of course are components of the third but they are not the only attributes that contributed to a successful year.

Looking ahead to the New Year, there are new obstacles, challenges, and opportunities to be experienced. Already, this year has started off with a bang as I was announced as a member of the 2014 Rev3 Tri Team. This group of people is motivational, inspiring, friendly, resourceful, and now family for me. Not every triathlete can say that about their local tri club or racing team. It may sound cliche but this group really would stop whatever they are doing and help me. It is one of the most reassuring feelings.

This year the support crew will be bigger and better as it includes the new Rev3 connections, but I cannot express my affections and admiration for Staci who has continuously been at my side through surgery, recovery, first runs, new long runs, and the pain. She never wavered at her post, and always knew how to keep me in check and when to motivate me to get back out there and push harder. She recently Boston Qualified and has since completed two marathons Pittsburgh and NYC ING Marathon. I am super proud of her accomplishments this past running year, and even happier that she has found a method to give back to the sport as she raises charitable contributions for the Bauman Group.

Finally and by far and away the most important part, Staci and I are getting married! This year will be jam packed with events, races, planning, cooking, having fun, training, concerts, bachelor party (hello Iceland?) and a Wedding!!! I am thrilled to be marrying my partner in crime, my best friend, my running buddy, workout video mate, sue chef, and love of my life.

I hope you enjoy following me, I think we will have plenty of lessons learned, laughs, and sweat along the way. I know I will be pushing my limits mentally, physically and spiritually.

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