Part 6 – The Mental Race

Hot humid sweltering painful overbearing suffocating heat. That been the temperature for every NYC Tri. Just except it this Sunday is going to be another brutally hot race day. Now you can wilt to the heat before the race even starts or you can start to believe that you can out suffer the course and the other athletes. 

This is one of the things I love most about triathlon. It’s always you verses the course. Even in the case or ironwar. It was Mark Allen vs David Scott vs the course in Hawaii. NYC is not even remotely close to those conditions so let’s not draw a foolish parallel. My point is we are all out there racing the same course in the same conditions. the challenge has always been what you can do out on course on this day and is that effort better than what the other athletes can produce. 

Here’s what to do when the wheels start coming off. If you have doubts pre race remember back to your training. All meters, hours, and miles traveled. The training is the hard part!  The hay is in the bar! If feel like you are suffering and it’s consuming you, look around, odds are others a hurting just as much if not more. During these moments I like to say positive things to other athletes! It takes my mind of me and my discomfort. I even say to myself I feel and look better than that guy. At which point I tuck back into aero and go back to work. 

Write a message on you hand or tape one to your bike. I put the name of a place I’ve traveled that makes me smile and brings back a tidal wave of fun memories. 

Lastly, remember this is a privilege you get to race, to compete, and complete this race. You are doing this because it means something to you. Because you wanted to prove to yourself you were capable of more. Don’t sell yourself short. This is a stepping stone to bigger things. Now go get’em. 

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