Day 1 & 2 – The Year ahead

We can all agree some promises are harder to keep than others. That is why I am approaching these promises as opportunities and possibilities to be gained through incremental pieces. Speaking in the aggregate once you add up all the little incremental pieces you get both a full year and a change. I’m not describing the superficial one time change either; I mean the kind of change that enhances you deep down at the character  level. Maybe some would call this a life change but I feel that is typically associated with a life changing experience. I’m looking at this like the Engineers who put all the pieces together to build a bridge so we can get to a place we need to be. 

Day 1 & 2 were spent plotting details about the plan and starting some incremental changes right away. For instance I made time to workout both days. I haven’t done this since June of 16. I also am staying away from a costly gym membership as I save for a house. We made healthy meal choices and reused items in our fridge. All smart choices that hopefully set the foundation that will allow me to reach my goal. I set a budget and rebalanced my investments before the markets closed.  I found time while holding the baby through his naps to read  up on industry changes and reviewed emails. For me it’s going to be prioritizing incremental efforts throughout the day. It’s also key to remain flexible and adjust to unexpected daily curve balls. 

For now I’m 2 for 2 with workouts. You can follow me on Strava  y clicking the link here. Also I’m on the Rev3 Tri Team for 2017 so a goal is to find a way to race this year. 

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