A Blistering pace – Day 3

Today a bunch of little things happened but to quickly recap the more substantial ones that will accrue toward long term changes are worth sharing here. 

I decided I would take the stairs today. Up 21 flights twice. This after the subway, damn MTA, broke down and had me walking more than a mile (gotta get that fitBit replaced). However I should have known better than to take this on in new shoes!! 

A second and far less painful event included unplugging for what started as 5 minutes and turned into 45. We turned all the lights off, shut down our phones, actually lit a candle and played some chilled out tunes. I wasn’t sure about this at first but now I’m wondering if daily meditation, unforced, is worth prioritizing and therefore worth finding time to do and incremental tally get better at it. 

That’s all the big things for today. Stay tuned, feel free to share what you incrementally improved on today. 

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