NYC Tri Race Prep Part 2 of 7

What to pack? Whether for a trip or a race the task can be daunting. Let’s talk pre race checklist specifically for the NYC Tri. I like to break things down for each discipline.


For your Transition bag:

  • Swim T1
  • Black sharpie
  • Wetsuit
  • 2 pairs of goggles (in case u break a pair) Swim cap Trislide
  • 2 plastic grocery bags
  • 1 large towel for the transition area
  • 1 small towel to dry face, feet etc…

Bike T2

  • Helmet
  • Sun Glasses & a clear pair in case of rain
  • Bike Gloves
  • Bike shoes
  • Salt tabs
  • Watch or bike computer
  • Spare tubes, Flanges, CO2 cartridge or hand pump
  • 2 water bottles
  • Optional extra – sox, rain jacket or vest but keep an eye on race day temps.

Run T3

  • Safety pins for your bib#
  • Running shoes
  • Lace locks
  • Hat or visor
  • Sun glasses
  • Race belt
  • Salt tabs
  • Running water bottle
  • Sunscreen

For the Swim Start & Finish line bag: (note you’ll carry this with when you leave transition and head to swim start. Placing it in the designated truck for delivery to the finish line)!

  • Toilet paper & wet wipes (you’ll thank me)
  • Purell small bottle
  • Foggle & TriSlide
  • That extra pair of swim goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • A dry shirt to change into
  • Sox or sandals
  • $20 Cash or 1 credit card
  • Nutrition Gel, energy bar, recovery bar, & small plastic water bottle (filled). I religiously use PowerBar products since they are easy to digest, have carbs, & caffeine.

Shit you don’t need.

A bucket! No idea who said a bucket was a good idea but they must think transition is for sitting down and having a coffee. Same goes for a folding chair.

A scale – seriously if you have time to weigh yourself you are doing something wrong.

A selfie stick – need I say more

Shaving cream & razor blade – umm gross please do that at home.

Your standing bike pump – not necessarily bad but many people bring them and the event has a bike pit crew so keep this at home.

Balloons – you cannot mark your transition area with any flag, marker, sign or other indicator.

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