Challenge Poconos 

It’s less than two weeks out and I’m getting all sorts of excited for Challenge Poconos MTNS. 
There’s been a lot of hype about this race. It’s nearly sold out!! The course was stunning last year and this year it looks like the changes have the best interests of the athlete in mind. 
I’m slated to head out and ride the Olympic bike course this Saturday. Which is always helpful. Course knowledge is a key piece to putting together a great race day. I might even attempt two loops which would be nice! 
I still plan on finding my way to Roth 2016 and racing in the Poconos is part of this equation. I just hope it’s enough. As I look at the remainder of the season I wonder what additional races I can do. There is Cedar Point in September and Florida in November. Both sound tempting but both come with high travel price tags. If I look at the net of the travel for those two races I could race Challenge Bahrain in the Middle East on November 20th and participate in the first “night” race. Although I wonder with a starting wave at 3pm a 6 hour half would get you to the finish line at sunset which could be epically awesome. Just imagine those race photos. 
And so it continues…what to do next. 

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