In one word…

What was it all for? I mean what were the last few weeks of training really hard for? On Monday July 20th at 3:50am I rose from a deep sleep to the buzzing of a specially schedule alarm.   

 That’s right, I was going to attempt the Legendary Challenge Family full distance race in Germany on July 17, 2016. 

There I was at 3:55 logged in online. Wireless connection was strong. The webpage open. Waiting….

Fighting the urge to fall asleep as each minute passed. Finally my laptop reflected 4:00am. Registration for a potential spot was open!! 
I was ready. I felt confident. I was excited. My heart (I should have put my HRM on for effect) rate was Zone 3 easily. I hadn’t felt this excited to do anything since I lost my virginity. 
Page refreshed, form filled out….press submit. 
Error! WTF!!! 

Damn European date system of DD/MM/YYYY I fixed it as quickly as I could. Double check info and……. 

OMG it was 4:03 on my laptop and I had missed out!!! FML 

Back to bed….called out sick….feeling depressed for the first time ever!! Nothing fills the void. Thoughts of 70.3s or other races seem pointless. Hell Kona doesn’t even interest me right now. I had a slot for 2015 and had to give it away. 
I want…(no)…must find a way to swim start. I need a race slot at ROTH! I will change that first word from “Unfortunately” to “Congrats” one way or another. This is how my quest begins….

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