Time Trial

A time trial or TT is fun! If you enjoy living through the brutal pain of absolute max sustainable effort over a period of time or distance. 

Why are time trials important? 

A TT provides you with a benchmark. If you are lucky and can consistently ride or run the exact same route you can achieve a consistent measurement of your fitness. I usually ride the same loop in Central Park. If you look on Strava you’ll see many others use the same route. Some of the times are epic! Like the route champ with a 12:01 that’s just INSANELY fast. 

Wednesday , I decided I would test my fitness by riding the TT route. My PR based on Strava’s record of my loops completed indicates a 15:31. This will be my goal. My Garmin on the other hand says my PR is a 15:40. Odd to see such a difference. My guess is the difference can be attributed to when I stopped my watch vs when I completed the route established by some other rider on Strava. It’s not perfect but what is?  

Hopefully the hard work will pay off in the Poconos on August 16th. 

Hopefully in another month. I can retest myself and witness a little improvement. 

In the mean time back to finding a race to focus on for 2016. If I’m going to do a full it should be an epic one! Maybe a legend. 

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