What’s it all for?

It may seem odd that mid season anyone would start training this hard without having a full distance race on their schedule. While I have some Oly’s and a 70.3 peppered in my 2015 schedule. I’m really pushing my limit to see if the dream of a full is attainable. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that this level of intensity is most likely not sustainable, so continuing to pick off Sprints, Oly’s  and 70.3s without having the infamous 140.6 looming on the horizon makes me wonder why I would bother to kick my butt day in & day out this hard?!?!? It will be worth it at the end of this week. I’ll know if I can register for Challenge Roth 2016. 

Day 2 of this long week and I’m feeling great. I think this is going to be possible. The peaks on the below Strava image reflect the 90 second max efforts.  

 The real test is tomorrow’s NovemberProject BRick workout. 

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