Coaching or going it alone?

In recent months I’ve been trying to figure out if a coach is really necessary for a full distance race. 

In 2014 I coached myself through a tough season. Swam well, lived a balanced life and finished strong at Challenge Quassy (Olympic and 70.3) Revolution. My nutrition was dialed-in (thanks PowerBar) and I finished with a smile even as I deployed my run-walk technique. 
I ask then, what is the benefit that I am not seeing that a coach provides you in personal one on one training. 
Mind you at one time I had a coach. It was helpful as I was learning what triathlon was and how to train, build, race & recover better. But I know these things now. 

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? 

2 thoughts on “Coaching or going it alone?

  1. I started this full season without a coach but found the level of accountability for a full just goes above and beyond any other season. It gets hard and the level of fatigue is something else so it helped to know I was accountable to someone else. They also will provide a road map as to where you should be and where you need to go. I think for a full, especially your first, its worth it

    • Thanks Jaclyn, there is a lot to consider making such a decision. The accountability is certainly important but I find that staying committed to teammates for those early AM swims and rides will help get me through even the toughest training periods. On the other hand you get to mentally check out and do the workouts laid out for you, however that luxury comes with a hefty price tag.

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