The Cost

There is always a price to pay for your choices. This was no exception. The concert was freakishly good. Sure we missed the first two openers but when you can get your hands on some Coney Island Nathan’s hot dogs you saddle up because they are as much the reason you made this ungodly trip via three subway transfers. This was the first time I’ve heard Mumford and Sons live and it was really worth all the hassle of subway transfers. 
The real cost is going to come on Saturday when I attempt Quassy Challenge Tri Olympic. Sure I’ve done the race in years passed but generally I was better trained. What I really need to do is stop hindering myself with all the negative thoughts. 

I will race well and smile at every mile. I am a little disappointed in myself for beating myself up so much over this. Thus that was my last negative comment about myself and this race. Because there is nothing that is impossible unless you don’t tri. 


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