Three days to go

oddly I thought this week might be fairly consistent going into the race weekend. Not sure why I thought that as “life” has a funny way of getting in the way. Life however threw me a curve ball I am just too excited about to pass up. Luckily I swam last night (not well but hey 1200 meters is 1200 meters) and this AM I completed a good BRick effort with my November Project peeps. So that life event? Concert tickets to Mumford and Son!! So that whole idea of a consistent week and laying low going into race day totally went out the window and you know what? I couldn’t be happier! 

There is just so much more to life than just triathlon and being able to step back and realize I’m not winning these things the number crunching is a second job and the stress from trying to have perfect workouts every damn day just isn’t worth the wrinkles, gray hairs or high blood pressure. Perfect example a friend of mine just raced last weekend and we almost lost him to hypothermia during the swim. The world would not be the same without this guy.

End of the day what do I mean? I guess live it up love what you do. To use the words of a well traveled friend “die young as old as possible.”   


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