Time to Cram

its been far too long since my last post. It’s good to be back. Only I have a little problem. 

Remember those late nights in college when you crammed for your exam the next day well this is a story of exactly that. 

It’s the week of the first race and you’ve guessed it by now. I’m not just feeling undertrained I am actually undertrained. That’s a bit unnerving as I usually rely on my training to carry me through. 

Last week I logged a solid regiment to swim (3x) bike (4x) and runs (2x). However the prior three weeks I was working and living in France. Which yes sounds glamorus but it threw my routine out the window. 

That’s about it. I’ve never really done this before, I’m usually very committed to the routine and training.  This is how I am kicking off a new season with the Tri Challenge Team excited anxious and under prepared. 


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