Challenge for 2015

okay you might be asking how does that photo pertain to this blog, well it doesn’t really. Except that I hiked to this location while traveling in New Zealand, and boy was that a challenge. Which got me thinking…what’s my next big challenge?

With 2014 almost in the books and 2015 just over the holiday horizon the fun task of making race selections for next season is at hand! I had some great experiences at some new race locations this past year, from Maine to the Poconos. But the big question is what will be on the ticket for 2015? It is early and tough to tell but booking now means everything. From better hotel selections to optimal training schedules. There are also a ton of new travel options for 2015, with my 9 to 5 job taking me to far away lands like Australia & Europe and slightly closer projects in Virginia and the mid west. To me, these mean the opportunity to add on a few new and different race locations. Finding a new experience and fun race site is just as exciting as doing Quassy again for the 5th time! Hey I think I may even try to double down again at the new Challenge Quassy (and come on hasn’t it always been a “Challenge?”).

With a little help from the social media world, what races would you do in 2015 if you could go and race anywhere? What’s your 2015 race schedule look like, feel free to share! If not what is your ideal race schedule?

Happy Training! & Thanks for visiting

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