Poconos I’ll be back!

A race report worthy of peaking your interest in joining me next year in the Poconos.

Beautiful scenery rolls past you at every dip, turn, and bend along the Rev3 Poconos Olympic and Half course. From the bus ride out to the mountain lake swim, through the state park roads, or to the out and back run course you are sure to find all sorts of majestic wildlife (yes even a bear or three) and scenic landscapes (heck even Bob Ross would be happy to paint a “happy little tree” from any one of these vistas). Why pay hundreds of dollars to experience a race of this caliber out west (Lake Tahoe) or further north (Placid/Tremblant) when within an hour forty’s drive from Manhattan you can find an equally amazing local experience. I don’t want to over sell the race and then find out it is sold out next year but I could easily see that happening. This was a perfectly executed event. In my experience the kinks appeared to be all worked out from prior years and in the good hands of Rev3’s race director Eric Opdycke this race will continue to succeed.

BEAR on your left!

BEAR on your left!

Logistically a point to point triathlon is a daunting task. Not just for the athletes but for the race director too. The school buses worked well as a means of transportation and there certainly was no shortage of buses. I would say that the buses could have rolled sooner but the bus I jumped on was the “last call” for the Half distance athletes so I understood the wait to confirm they were all aboard. This resulted in my rushed T1 setup, however if you are worried just get up earlier. One other opportunity to improve the experience would have been to provide bike covers pre race, an advertising opportunity for the new brand and to keep race bikes dry. I do LOVE the saddle “finisher” cover we received when we checked out post race. Nice touch! The beer service was great, I had no idea there was a Shawnee Brewery but now that I know I will keep an eye out for their stout, crisp and rich, a lovely small batch brew and awesome way to celebrate crossing that finish line! With cold brew in hand I made my way promptly to the RecoveryPump tent and took a load off, those boots seriously are a knockout!

Summer 2014 367 The finisher medal was as usual badass and I hope the new Challenge folks keep the Rev3 designer because I finally got my first interlocking medal!! That’s right, this guy actually podiumed. In fact my first podium ever!! I didn’t even believe my teammates when they told me I had finished 3rd. I even said to Ed, yeah 3rd from the beer station! I’m still in a little disbelief. Thanks to my biggest support Staci, she was incredibly helpful in getting me to the race and made me feel like the luckiest triathlete out on the course.

Summer 2014 362 Next year I am looking forward to planning a real family weekend in the Poconos. I plan on bringing both my family and my future wife’s family (FYI I get hitched next Friday). There is so much to do and see, you can easily make this a long weekend at the Shawnee Inn. Golf, tennis, hiking, swimming, water slides, bumper boats, great food, Shawnee Brewery … Need I go on?

Anyway I hope to see some familiar faces next year in the Poconos because I will be back!

Happy Training! If you really want the full Rev3 experience don’t forget to apply for the 2015 team, click here

Summer 2014 364

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