Burpee Challenge

This weekend has the potential to be a monster training block as I prepare for Rev’s Olympic distance race in Maine at Old Orchard Beach (OOB) for short.

I’m possible on the hook to ride 100 miles this Saturday which would be a first and a ton of fun! The rest of Sat would be spent recovering. Alternatively I can do a standard ride with some additional spicy hill work and have more fun post ride. Really enjoy my day. Sunday’s outlook got a whole lot more challenging with a throw down and fund raiser http://runforrob.com/burpee-challenge/ I’m not a fan of Burpees and 5minutes of them sound worse than the prospect of a 100 mile ride or a marathon. I guess this is kind of a marathon of Burpees?

If this sounds fun to you and you’d like to participate follow the link:http://runforrob.com/burpee-challenge/ I’ll be on the Great Lawn in Central Park on Sunday at 10am. See you there or globally by video! Post your results here! 20140808-135533-50133597.jpg

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