How Far did u go?

I always enjoy doing this. I keep a map up in my cubical at work that indicates a little challenge I set for myself every year. I started back in January and track only outdoor mileage on my bike, this includes races! Year to date I’m a little behind my target distance but on the bright side I’ve covered the distance from my apartment to Des Moines Iowa. The Red tack indicates my current location and my goal, to make to LA! All 2,804 miles

Fun stuff! I hope to add 100more miles this weekend!! How far have you gone this year?

4 thoughts on “How Far did u go?

    • Wow sir you are the furthest so far! If I had hosted a contest you would have won. What motivated u to cover that much mileage and where on a map from your home would that take you!!

      • In a year, from Michigan, I would make it to Los Angeles, CA and back home, and then I could head down to Texas with the last 1,700 miles… Or, if you wanted to go one way, I think I’d sniff Argentina or something. I’ve the last two years were tracked at 5,300 and 5,400 respectively but I’m WAY over last year. I quit tracking a while back to focus more on enjoying my time on the bike so the 6,300 is somewhat of an educated guess.

      • Oh, the motivation! I just love to ride. 16-20 miles a day during the week, 35-40 miles every Tuesday and 100-150 on the weekends. Maybe a day off now and again. It frees my mind, makes me a better, more attentive husband and a more fun-loving dad. Cycling makes me happy.

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