Sick Days Suck

Everyone is going to have a moment when they get knocked down. Some of us will have more of these moments than others, and while sometimes you can avoid getting knocked down. It can be extra frustrating to get knocked down just as you push off from the starting line. That’s what happened to me. I came back from my honeymoon and was all set to get my endurance back, start a new training plan, and set myself up for an even better 2015.

I got knocked down, before I even got far enough from my starting place to somehow mentally justify a recovery period, light training, strength work, or flat out rest. I specifically was knocked down by a respiratory infection that was neither the flu, bronchitis or other illness that could be medicated away.

I asked people what they do when they get sick? How do you get back up quickly? The responses ranged from the obvious to the weird and often strange. Many were home remedies while most recommended OTC medication. Here is what I found.

First, because of the severity of this cold I was out of commission for 7+ days, I took two sick days from work (fun times) and worked at home the other two days that week. (This did allow me to catch up on my guilty pleasure, TWD).

My doctor’s recommendation – “chicken soup, let it take its course and get plenty of rest and liquids.” seriously? no shit…how about a helpful suggestion.

My mother, cause let’s face it everyone has one and they always have to weigh in on these things – “get some tea with honey, take a hot shower to break up the caugh and take some advil to keep the fever down and try to get some rest” alright, more informative than my office doctor thanks mom, these things helped.

My wife – “suck it up buttercup, everyone gets sick and don’t you dare give this to me…I’m pretty sure this was the cold I had last month so keep it for yourself” hahaha thanks “take Robitussin & pick up Mucinex, hot water with honey and lemon, drink some fresh pressed juices, and take some PM’s so you don’t wake me up all night, and let’s turn on the humidifier.” Way more helpful, I knew I married the right girl! Humidifier was very helpful and the OTC medications were great in controlling my coughing and kept my fever in check.  The Mucinex really did work, I wouldn’t have believed anyone else but those med’s made me cough up everything in my lungs which might have sped up my recovery time the most.

Pamela (Teammate on Rev3 Tri) – “suck on a lemon wedges” not sure if she was just pulling my chain or what but the lemon wedges did boost the vitamin C and I’m probably in the clear when it comes to scurvy this month. As instructed, don’t bite into the wedge just suck on it. (kinda wish I had a selfie of this….)

Ed Butler, Jamie Bull, & Ron Searle  (Teammate on Rev3 Tri) – “drink bourbon and sweat it out on the trainer” fellas I hate to disappoint, especially teammates but I did this one in the wrong order I drank the bourbon and took a nap, to which I might have sweat it out but let’s say testing was inconclusive, although fun & enjoyable!

Meg Shipman – “#shots” of what exactly? see above….probably would have resulted in the same.

In the end everyone’s advice helped a little in one way or another, so if I got drunk and passed out to get rest while taking plenty of medication both homegrown and OTC then it worked because Monday I was able to do 30 minutes of strength Yoga, Tuesday night, 40 minutes on the trainer, and this AM I was able to complete a November Project workout!

Thank you all for helping me get over that cold!

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