Inaugural Ride with Fosters

Inaugural ride, today was the perfect winter day in NYC. I just could not imagine a better day for The Super Bowl and a Ride; not just any ride but an Inaugural Ride!

What does that mean? Today I road my new Quintana Roo for it’s Inaugural Ride through Central Park. Now I think anyone could write a very descriptive explanation of the experience of the first ride on their new whip. My challenge is to provide you a different review. I want to do this in a three part series. Part 1, Inaugural Ride with Fosters. Part 2, Searching for a New Whip, Part 3, Shopping, Shipping, & Handling.

Lets begin. Inaugural Ride with Fosters.

The day’s sunshine filled the newly painted bedroom (that’s another blog topic) and woke me from my slumber. I rolled over and saw the sun was bright, the sky was clear, and the birds were singing. Seriously, it was a cheesy Disney movie morning. Unfortunately I was slated to go for a swim. That’s what I did, I filled my swim bag, packed my jammers, headphones, Blue Seventy Goggles and made my way uptown to the pool. Unfortunately when I arrived the pool was closing in 20 minutes; what was I to do? As usual they key in triathlon or training for any endurance sport is never to panic, always adapt. Therefore, the only swim workout I could think of was to swim hard for 1,000 meters all out. In the end this worked out perfectly.

As I walked home, I felt the desire to go for a ride. The pull and calling to get out there and ride was overwhelming. I could not resist. I got home, made breakfast for my support crew (Bailey the pup and Staci). We enjoyed eggs baked inside potatoes. They were really yummy and was a fantastic way to repurpose baked potatoes.

After we enjoyed the eggs, I could not fight the urge any longer. I had to go for a ride. It was decided! That was it, I pulled the rip cord and went for my Inaugural Ride.

From the very moment I threw my leg over the saddle I clipped in, and pushed off on my Inaugural Ride, I knew I was in love. The day was perfect and the ride was smooth. With each peddle stroke, I felt dialed in. Analog with the bike. The transfer of power through the peddles was unreal, I could feel every inch of the pavement underneath the bike pass. The firm but smooth ride was exactly as Qunitana Roo defined. This CD0.1 is far and away the best bike I have ever ridden. The three loops of Central Park quickly passed but my smile never faded. I was over the moon with my new bike, Fosters and I had bonded and the 2014 tri season was off to the most perfect start.





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