Super Bowl Weekend in NYC


Super Bowl weekend is finally here in NYC. With training getting in the way of the festivities I haven’t had a chance to visit all the fun. There just is not enough time. I might try and make it to the Broad Way Super Bowl expo but again so many people is it really worth it, counterpoint is this is a once in a lifetime game here in NYC. NFL will never do this again, but the weather appears to be warming just in time for kick off…so maybe I am wrong.

Wed night I got a chance to attend the Super Comedy Jam, with some friends. Which was a nice repreave from the standard Wed night swim and Pio Pio for dinner. I deserve a little R&R too, plus drinks and wings. Makes all the hard efforts in the pain cave worth it.

The comedians were alright, Jay Pharoah from SNL was probably the funniest of the bunch!

The weekend outlook aside from the game calls for some good weather, and I am wondering do I put in the effort bundle up and ride outside this weekend. The highs are looking in the 40s, sounds tempting after all these long weeks inside. We will see how the things play out, I would like to say I would make it outside but the true issue is, if I ride outside I generally roll out very early so the temps won’t be in the 40s more likely in the 30s and I would be lucky to see the 40s by the end of the ride.

Thoughts? Suck it up butter cup or Baby its cold outside?
Stay and spin where its warm inside.

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