Lean & Green – Potato Leek Soup

In an effort to accomplish everything last nights workout and dinner merged into one event! Not sure how often that happens for you but this was a first for me. Enjoy the journey, never panic always adapt…right?

Yesterday’s weather in the Northeast was nuts, many are still without power and somehow I was blessed here in NYC to retain power and tough out the storm. Well, I thought what better way to make use of the nasty weather than to make some soup, and with that I found a receipe and began tinkering. I am sure many of us at home cooks and athletes do this. It started with the Ina Gartner recipe for Potato Leak Soup and by the end it became a Potato Leek & Kale Soup.

As the weather continued to batter the east coast I started to prep dinner and put in a workout video. As Staci set up the living room for the video. I diced the leeks, potatoes, Kale and scallions to roast in the oven, preheating to 400″.

The DVD starts and I jump out of the kitchen after putting the above on a baking sheet and placing that in the oven. Setting my phone’s timer to 15mins so I go and stir the veggies so they don’t burn during my workout like the burn I will get from the Biggest Loser Sculpt workout video. I swear by these things, you might laugh but go buy one on Amazon, try it and if you aren’t swearing at the TV in 20 mins or less you are doing it wrong. The video is tough but manageable, I used 10lbs weights, and I try to do the most difficult variation of the exercise like the video shows. I truly believe these help strengthen my hip, which is super important post hip replacement. Rotating back and forth with the kitchen and the DVD wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I didn’t burn myself or worse in the kitchen, nor did I pull a muscle while exercising. A true win win!!

So to tie out the recipe, after roasting i put the veggies in a food processor and added some chicken stock (low sodium) until smooth. I transfered to a pot where I swapped the cream friace with Greek yogurt and replaced heavy cream with light cream (mixing these in slowly over low heat). Meanwhile…. I decided this needed crunch, so I toasted bread but that wasn’t sufficient….. What else is in the fridge? Prosciutto! I toasted that in the hot oven with the bread and as you can see in the photo I eventually crumbled on top of the final product.


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