Last Chance Workout!!!

Last Chance Workout! Come on people!!!!

I repeat this to myself today as 2013 comes to a close, there is no where to hide at this point. It’s time to recall all those failed 2013 resolutions and make a change. Don’t make another resolution in 2014 without being resolute to complete the resolution. While my resolution list has many check marks indicating completed changes there are plenty of areas I need to improve and focus on in 2014. I will change not only for myself but for my life with my amazing fiance and biggest supporter. She needs me to give more of myself and just like a training session or race when I need to dig deeper to find those extra ounces of energy to power me through to the finish I need to do the same in life.

That is going to be my 2014 resolution, give more of myself to ourselves in the life we have together.

Happy New Year to all my readers, followers, friends and fellow Rev3 Teammates.

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