Swim like a Fish, Party Like a Phish

This Saturday started like no other. I hardly ever swim on Saturday’s but my training buddies did not want to ride, not sure why the weather was perfectly fine…well I thought it was, I mean it was 40 degrees out there. Anyway I could not recruit anyone to ride with me. What’s that old saying, “if you can’t beat them join them.” There you have it, I joined them. Which was a great decision!

The pool was a fantastic 50 meters today. For many people that is the standard but our pool has adjustable walls so the pool can be chopped into different distance segments to accommodate multiple swim classes, teams, and triathletes. Most week nights that means I only get 20/25 meters. Which limits the chance to get that feeling of catching the water and really gliding through the lane. It’s especially hard because the pool gets so busy at night. Today was very enjoyable, allowing everyone space and ample time to spread out and really swim like a fish aught to swim.

Today’s workout was a tough one to begin with but because the pool was 50 meters we felt it merited increasing the intervals. However the kick drills killed me!!! I’m not sure how to prevent my left calf from cramping during kick drills with fins and kick board??? Any tips, advice, help, thoughts? My chance to swim with the fish was a ton of fun and really enjoyable aside from the cramps, but this would be only the beginning of my Phish/fish experience today.

Tonight I am headed to MSG Madison Square Garden to see Phish with my fiance, its her favorite band and she does so much to support me and my pursuit of triathlon and completing a Rev3 Revolution of my own! I decided prior to xmas to buy her tickets for tonight and we are totally treating ourselves tonight and have beers, chicken tenders at NYC Stout (a bar right near MSG) along with whatever other fun concert foods we feel like having! I am not holding back tonight, I am going to Party with the Phish fans and my fiance and just unwind. We all deserve to loosen up now and then, and just party hard. Enjoy the following photos from the concert, I will try to provide a link to video or two.





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