The Five B’s of Thursday

Huh? What five B’s? Well if you are confused by the title as I was coming up with something catchy here is my Thursday night list of B’s.

1. BRick – Killer BRick workout, and man I was gassed afterwards. Workout looked like this: 15min Run (5min WU, 4min Run 8:30 pace, 1min walk – 4min Run 8min pace, 1min walk – 4min Run 7:30 pace, 1min walk) hussel to Bike for 30mins of spin 2X – (spin 12min interval of Z3-Z4 work 3mins recover) Return to treadmill and repeat first run set only I upped the anti, and pushed the pace doing the first 4min run at 7:45 and then the next 4min run at 7:30pace! There was just one problem, my calfs began to cramp during the 4min run at 7:45…yikes!!! Luckily I somehow fought the cramp off and it never arrived but it felt like it was just a twitch away!!! Stretched with foam roller afterwards

2. Burger Bistro! yeah I totally spoiled myself and got an amazing burger for a local spot Burger Bistro. It was my favorite combo, Blue cheese Burger with fried onion strings and I had sweet potato fries on the side (AMAZING!)

3. Bond – yeah I am that guy I went home and had my burger in front of the TV and watch a total guy movie, I love netflix at times and tonight I put on Skyfall 007 Bond!!!

4. Bailey – My pup Bailey whom you have seen in several photos watched me closely as I chowed down beggin for a bite of the burger or to snatch up some fries!!! I caved and gave her a few fries, she is irrestiable.

5. Bonked – I totally Bonked and passed out by 8:30 with the weight of the burger in my belly, and Bailey snuggled up at my side we fell asleep.

And those are the Five B’s of my Thursday Night! While I could have documented this better I did find some video of me on the treadmill, I realized you cannot tell which hip I had replaced! checkit out and guess which hip is the prostetic.


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