Extended Weekend Wrap-up!


Friday was a recovery by drinking and eating with friends. Saturday NYC was hit with a snow storm that crushed any chances of riding outside this weekend. I spent the morning recovering and then headed to the spin studio at Asphalt Green around 11am after the morning classes finished. I saddled up, threw on some tunes (Trance – Armin van Buuren) I’m no fist pumper but for spin sessions it seems the best kind of music for me, fast pace fast beat, grinding big gears during long slow pushes these instrumental and occasional vocal sets get me through the lengthy solo rides. Which by the way, why am I still the only one in the spin studio? What happened to all my tri buddies, I know my Rev3 Teammates would have joined me if we all lived closer! So the spin set went like this:

  • WU 10mins 5 mins just spin then 5x 30 sec pick ups RPMs 110 – 120
  • Main Set: (total 20mins) combo of 1 min seated plus 1 min standing counts as one set of the 10 repeats **Note increase resistance or cadence as necessary to maintain a Z3, with pushes to Z4 & Z5. – 5 min recovery between combos.
  • **Repeat till legs are spicy (I did 3 times through) legs were on fire!!!!!
  • cool down 5 to 10 whatever you need

Got this amazing text msg from my fiance regarding recovery drink post her run! yeah she rocks!!!! I love my Staci (see image1 below)

Saturday night the snow continued and made going out to the bars tricky. Santa Con was in full swing still here in NYC (nothing wrong with that, just not my cup of tea). While at the bar found out the Rev3 Official Announcement was made. Still totally jazzed about that (yeah jazzed, I like the term). See image 2 below

Sunday, recovery breakfast (aka bacon egg and cheese on a bagel-what else would this New Yorker have!?!?!) then went to the pool and swam 4 sets of 500m with 2 mins recovery each 500 was roughly 8minutes (not bad this was more about getting in the distance).

Monday, called out from work to run errands, christmas shopping!!!! still not done but feeling better I suppose, got back to the spin studio (alone again – seriously why won’t anyone spin with me?) Because I made this a Dan Day, meaning I told no one about it I then had to rush home walk the dog and complete a Yoga set, Biggest Loser Weightloss Yoga (I am not ashamed to admit that, Trainer Bob – if you are reading this, I hate you while doing the exercies/poses/planks etc….but man I loath you the next morning and finally 24hrs later feel like bragging about you here). Funny image of my pup Bailey helping me with my Warrior 2 pose – top image

Tuesday 4:59am as if this wasn’t enough of a suffer fest I promised some peeps I would meet them for a speeeeeeeeeeed workout with the Asphalt Green Tri Club here in NYC (luckily indoors as it once again was snowing). I actually got to lead the workout till our coach showed up, we can say that was weather related or snooze button perhaps but either way we got in a fun great speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed workout. Lots of teammates joking, heckiling, and of course cheering each other along during the shuttle repeats, indian runs, and strength exercises.

Tuesday night – debating to swim or not with a buddy who asked me to join him, not sure I have the strength for this one, I might need to sleep this weekend off first and live to fight another day!!!



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