Revolutionary NEWS!

Its official, this crazy guy was caught by the Rev3 Triathlon Team! I could not be more happy, honored, and excited.

Last night while bellying up to a bar filled with Santa Con crazies I  checked my phone as I waited for my drink order. As the phone search to load the page my drinks arrived, I began to collect my beverages for my party when the page loaded and I nearly lost it. Front and center was “The Catch of the Day” this guy, I jumped for joy, spilled a little beer on Santa (he didn’t notice) and raced back to the booth to share the news with everyone.

What does this mean? Well I can tell you what this means to me. ~ I get to play, train, and joke around with what seems to be one of the funniest, crass, and happy group of people around. I instantly got 60 new friends located around the country. Each member of the team is just as excited if not more so than I am to be part of this team/friendship/family. There are seasoned veterans who have completed several revolutions, some sophomoric folks back again, and a class of greenhorns like myself chomping at the bit to solidify a name and a place for him/herself for this year and many more to come.

I hope now to address my official 2014 Tri Race schedule, experience new people, places, and things and of course bring you all along for the rides, runs, recoveries, and swims.

"Catch of the Day" - Team Rev3 Tri

“Catch of the Day” – Team Rev3 Tri

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