Chubby Bunny?

Chubby Bunny? ….really…. maybe some of you are asking “What the Heck is a chubby bunny?” For all of you with questionable minds in the gutter go ahead take it there. I’ll wait, when you are done come on back.

chubbybunny1Are you done. Alrighty then, one last inappropriate thought. You good?

So this involves stuffing our mouths with as manny Marshmallows as possible, the big ones not those tiny ones you toss in hot chocolate.

Part of the initiation to the crazy fun Rev3 Tri Team was completing this task. Luckily for me I had a returning team member visiting NYC this weekend and Brittnay and I met up to try it out. Anyway I will let the video speak for itself.

Special thanks to Staci for filming our chubby bunny attempt, her steady hand and keen camera sense brought this video to life. Thank you!

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