Tricks to keep warm on a Winter Ride

This morning started early, 4:45 to be exact. I scratched my dog’s head as I snuck past her without waking the hound. I pulled the door closed without making a sound.

I checked the weather, just as I feared. A hair above 42 meant I would be bundled and layered up.


My advice for staying warm with winter tri gear: a base layer, wind proof pants, thermal jacket, booties over my cleats, gloves, scull cap, glasses, and a gator neck. I made my drink with hot water. Then I took a deep breath and opened the door. Not so bad at first but once you get moving on the bike any exposed skin feels like its on fire!

Thankfully I corrupted a friend and had someone to ride and chat with while doing three loops of Central Park. No amazing workout plan, just get out there and get moving. That was tough enough since I ran last night.


So there you have it, I started the Strava ap before heading out the door so some of that time was spent bundling up. Not one of my favorite things, I ask you how do you stay warm while training during the winter?

Share your tricks for keeping warm!! Thanks

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