Snowed in?!?

Today started differently than most. We woke up in Pittsburgh but that wasn’t the different part. We woke up to several inches of snow!!

Which instantly made Bailey (my pups) day! The white stuff however had a different affect on me. I was disappointed the training outdoors might be done for a while. I began to contemplate ways of getting my heart rate going, exercising, and for good measure seizing the day!

First a power shoveling session! Which ended in a dog chase. Bailey makes for the worlds worst pacer during a long run but for shuttle sprints she is the BEST!

After taking the layers off we put on Boot Camp a workout video by Trainer Bob from the TV series The Biggest Loser! To my surprise I nearly passed out, holy cow that was nuts. I have done plenty of workouts but I have to tip my hat to Bob, he kicked my butt. I am going to have to work this into my regular scheduled workout program.

Finally tonight we are going Bowling. While not the most rigorous workout it was a ton of fun, and hey laughter is always the best medicine. Work those core muscles when you laugh!!

Enjoy the photos, but before you go how do you stay active when you are snowed in?




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