Thankful for….

Today around the country we ask ourselves “what are we thankful for?” As you read this think that over and share with the world what you are thankful for here.

First I am thankful for a “yes” that yes came from the most amazing woman in the world this summer when I ask my best friend, running partner, fellow dog walker, dancing partner, fellow chef to marry me.

Second I am thankful for second chances at having a fulfilling life. A yer after having my hip replaced my running, comfort, strength and love for triathlon and life have risen to new heights of love and appreciation. (Photo returning from a chilly and snowy run)

So I ask you to ask yourself “what are you thankful for today?” Share a response here:


One thought on “Thankful for….

  1. Love this! And congrats on your engagement!!!

    I am thankful for my parents, who are supportive of me chasing my triathlon dreams — even despite having to rescue me from my 2 trips to the ER this year!! 🙂

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