Chicago for work and for play

This week is a really challenging one. I’ve been assigned to work in Chicago this week and while work has been tough this city is so active and so much fun. I love all the bike lanes in the city and the lake is one of the best spots to run. I wish I had taken my phone so I would have a picture to share with this post but I got in a fantastic lake side run. There was even this fog that lifted as i ran along the city. I’ll have to snap a photo tomorrow. Before heading to a Cubs game.

The biggest issue while traveling is always eating healthy and when the rest of your team is choking down fatty fries foods its really tough to control oneself and order good clean food. Tonight I did well and ate clean food. Which is really just food that hasn’t been fried or cooked in a ton of fat, lets say it would be a feature in cooking lite.

Tomorrow is going to be special I am going for a swim in the morning in Lake Michigan. I will share photos and a recap from the open water swim.

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