Open Water Swim

With less than 38 days to the New York City Tri (July 14th) help me reach my fund raising goal!!

I answered a calling, a prerequisite that every seasoned triathlete adheres too. I got in an open water swim this morning and not just in any body of water I swam Lake Michigan in along the Chicago sky line. I was restricted by time but every moment in the water was well spent. The water was a crisp 58 degree, wet suit legal by all standards. Thankfully the sun was out and the air was warm as I walked off the beach to start the morning off right. Thankfully I had made a friend during my previous visit to the Windy City. Duane met me promptly at 630 to lead the way. It was a picture perfect morning, no waves clear water and the buddy system was in full effect. I practiced my spotting which is always helpful during the big race. I kept a decent line/lane for the first open water swim of the season. At the turn around I was facing the great sears tower and was overjoyed with the beauty I the day. With every stroke I took in the city skyline from the surface of the water. Half my goggles watching the building glide by the other checking out the clarity of the lake. I kept wondering the entire time why I live in NYC while I could spend every summer morning doing this??? Seriously need to rethink the living location.

That aside it was the perfect remedy for anyone’s pre A race open water refresher swim. On the spiritual high and refreshed feeling I walked back to my hotel engulfed by the beauty this city has to offer, I might just have to make my way back here for the Chicago 5150 in August.



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