Yesterday was my first BRick workout since the new hip and it was really one of my most memorable ride/run workouts ever.

The air was warm, the sun just rising over the city skyline illuminating Central Park in a glow of soft red. We rolled through our warm ups, chatting laughing the usual when our group heads out for a ride. Them we broke up for a single loop TT which felt great to push really hard, to the point of exhaustion and then cool down with a half loop before beginning the run.

The day had really revealed itself to be a special one, the morning was sublime with vibrant colors set in perfect harmony with a soundscape any national park would be proud to call their own. However taking all this in can be consuming as I gawked at the reflection of all this on the surface of the lake I became air born. Literally I tripped and experienced flight first hand which was great but the landing. Well lets just say I would have been called out if I was diving for home plate.

So that was my morning, anything exciting happen to anyone else?


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