LA Fitness + traveling for work

Last week was pretty crazy, I drove to Pitt for Staci’s marathon where she ran a 3:31:10 and qualified for Boston at her first marathon ever! Very proud of her!

Then the craziness started. Monday we drove back to NYC, we got home early enough I was able to head out for a short ride. Tuesday I was on Amtrak and while hunting around online I found a guest pass to the LA Fitness in Norwood MA. what a great facility, 25m pool, spin bikes, tons is space, a full basketball court, racquet ball courts etc…. This got me wondering why more people aren’t active? I was thinking maybe fitness centers have become these giant indoor complexes where people gather to burn calories but they don’t really enjoy it because they are inside. I asked if any tri clubs were affiliated with the location? The unfortunate answer was no…maybe there is something about my statement. Lets get outside more as the weather continues to improve and when the weather cold or snowy find alternate exercise methods.

All this added up to a thought I had a few months back would an interactive training platform like a cycle-ops pro or computrainer be a cure for the winter blues or a hefty expense that goes unused 8 months of the year.

In the end LA fitness served its purpose, a great gym for a traveling athlete.


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