New Long Ride

Yesterday was the perfect day for a ride, and thankfully I got a chance to leave the urban jungle behind and roll through the scenic Hudson River valley cross towns such as Nyack, Peirmont, Tenafly and Rockland Lakes.

At points along the way we passed rivers, waterfalls and fun bakeries! I’m a bit of a bakery guy. I live pastries especially really good ones. The natural beauty of the region could be seen all along route 9W, we even passed a pair of wild Turkeys out for a stroll. I can now confidently tell jokes that start with “why’d the Turkey cross the road…”

The route home was great and I enjoyed taking a new path. The final climb back up to 9W was steep but not impossible and everyone enjoyed seeing some new roads.

This is the reason I go out and ride, fun times, good friends, and new experiences.


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