Reasons to Early Bird Register

I want to present a few of my reasons for why you should take advantage NOW of the early bird price points! Use code #TeamRev3 to receive your free visor with Early Bird price points at Rev3

  1. Cost Savings – the most obvious but probably the most important to us triathletes trying to balance our finances, new gadgets, and race schedules.
  2. Plan ahead – if you have already registered for your “A” race in 2016 you should take the time to build your 2015 schedule now. It is suggested you experience race day simulation as often as possible. Shake off those butterflies!
  3. Influence others – instead of chasing your friends to races they registered for, be the leader and get them to race with you! It’s always more fun to have familiar races training and racing the same courses. Plus you can all go for a boozy celebration afterwards to share in the race day glory! Those war stories won’t tell themselves.
  4. Revenge – seriously, you could have shaved a few minutes off your ____ (insert swim, bike, or run), if only you had done ____ (more training, known the course, dug deeper). Go do it next season!

Let’s hear some of your reasons for signing up early! Those are the reasons behind my early elections for the 2016 race schedule.

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