Don’t Get Cold Feet!

I have a few odd rules, and I do not think I am alone here. One of my many rules is no riding outside below 43 degrees. For whatever reason that seems to be my cut off, below that I just freeze on the bike. Until today.

I recently purchased some new gear for bad weather riding, particularly a pair of Pearl Izumi ELITE Barrier Shoe Covers. I picked out a pair of Pearl Izumi booties for those wet or cold morning rides. In my opinion if my feet get cold on the ride, my body temperature drops and then I get cold and cannot complete the ride to the desired effort.

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A couple notes about these booties. They fit over almost all cycling or tri shoes. I only have two pairs to test this but based on other reviewers and a few tri-buddies (Team Rev3) these work. The bottoms allow for all types of cleats so you don’t have to worry about interfering with clipping in. The booties also have a quick and easy Velcro flap that permits the rider to slip the end of their cycling pants into the booties and then securely close the booties. I find even while wearing pants that have zipper bottoms the PI booties do not apply pressure to the zipper which would cause chafing or worse, cuts. The booties also come with the always important reflective logos, which let’s face it is key no matter where or when you are cycling.

Finally the most important part, the booties really work! Your feet stay dry in all weather conditions (ok probably not in a monsoon maybe not but what are you doing out there then anyway?!?!?). These booties allowed me to drop my rule or maybe just adjust it down to a sultry 38 degrees and head out for a ride. I highly recommend you pick up a pair for yourself. Don’t Get Cold Feet! Keep your feet happy starting today.

Part of Team Rev3 and sponsored by Pearl Izumi

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