Running with Support

Today I ran my longest long run on my new hip, life to date for this guy’s BHR. The longest run was made possible by keeping up with my amazing running partner and future wife, Staci. She turned her Boston Marathon training run into a selfless fun run with me, without getting frustrated she continuously ran back to get me as I utilized my 4 minutes on 1 minute off style of run/walking.

The run was just going to be a short run, as we jokingly call it the Strip club to Strip Club run over and back across the 59th Street Bridge. The fine establishments are known locally as Sapphire and Scandals. Seriously funny stuff, so over and back we went and I just felt like I could keep going.

As we pushed south towards the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, my nutrition began to waver but luckily thanks to the good folks at PowerBar I was recently supplied with some additional gels and hydration powders. I even managed to talk Staci into bringing two PowerBar Gel pack with her for the added miles that she would be doing alone. The great taste and the ease of consumption, a quick tear release at the top of the gel pack provided the instant boost I badly needed to continue south to Battery Park.

About 1:30 I really began to wonder what I was thinking, and it’s been a long time since I was out on a run this long. Rev3 Quassy isn’t until May 31st & June 1st, was there really a need for me to push this hard this early in the season? I reminded myself during my 1 minute recoveries that this was what it was going to feel like to run long again at Quassy and that tired legs need extra attention. I need to get accustomed to running on heavy legs, especially as I prepare for the Revolution (aka racing both distances Olympic and Half).

Finally 1:45 into the run I had reached 11.5 miles and was looking at The Statue of Liberty. I stopped my watch, realized how far Staci still had to go, and gave her a big hug & kiss before she continued on home without me. I grabbed a protein drink, water and coffee at a deli and headed to the Subway for a lift home. As the cold reached my bones I was happy I had sprayed on TriSlide (anti chaffing product) as seen below, I felt smooth where the normal hot spots of chaffing cause irritation. The number 4 train pulled in, and I was that guy … smelly, sweaty, stretching as I held my coffee in one hand and rubbed my legs with the other. I didn’t care what anyone thought, I felt proud for running the farthest I have ever run on my new hip, proving to myself that it is all possible. That my support team Staci, Rev3, PowerBar, TriSlide and the rest are in my corner and helping me reach my goals.





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