Ogle my Goggles? It’s FOGGIES

Foggle PacketsfoggleimgAside from the tongue twister title this is a straight forward product review. Recently I received a package from TriSwim a generous sponsor of the Revolution 3 Age Group Racing team. With their support the team is able to accomplish their tri season goals. Included in this package was a set of 6 Foggies packets which are intended to keep the fog (hence the name) from building up inside your goggles while swimming.

First the packets are fun and easy to take with you anywhere, the slim single packet fits in the palm of your hand, gym bag, or back pocket with ease. Thankfully the material is durable, as things get tossed around inside a gym bag these could tear, but they are stored in quality packaging so you don’t have to fear leakage, or product loss during transportation to the gym. Each packet includes directions for application. KEY STEP —- DO NOT WET GOGGLES FIRST — and let Goggles dry sufficiently before swimming. Thus take a mental note, don’t bring the Foggies application down to swim start and apply right before the gun goes off. Most of us prepare the night before, try to do this then or at the very least while laying out items in your transition.

Application is super easy, simply wipe the surface of both the inside and outside of the goggles. I liked wiping the outside as well because it cleaned the lenses for me, and made the view of the pool crystal clear! You can see the crust, dirt, and build up of calcium come off on the wipe. I applied to all my goggles, 8 pairs were sufficiently cleaned and treated with one wipe, so it is a good bang for your buck. One time usage of the Foggies per packet.

Now the fun part, the first time I swam with the treated Foggies Goggles my BlueSeventy’s were crystal clear, the way I image a fish would see in the pool. I was over the moon with the results it was like receiving a new pair of Goggles! I swapped to my other pairs and found the results were standard across the various makes: Speedo, TYR and BlueSeventy.

Since the application I have swam a dozen or so times with the same pair of Goggles without having to reapply. On my most recent swim, let’s say my 12th in 3 weeks I noticed the Fog starting to come back. Now I am not worried and this isn’t a bad thing, most brand new Goggles get fogged by the second or third swim so this really is a great result. One thing I did notice, post swim if the inside of the goggles were cleaned with water the fog came back sooner, I can imagine the cleaning solution and anti fog solution are water soluble, hence the application advice, DO NOT WET GOGGLES BEFORE APPLYING.

A word to the company, these should be sold in dispensers on pool decks or pool locker rooms for 25 or 50 cents. Scale of economies in mind, this could be a big seller and kids programs would be the biggest market share. Kids and adults alike want uninhibited views of the pool, get these into the customers hands when they need them!

I support this product and am a proud sponsored athlete. Any questions please ask here, check out their website: http://www.sbrsportsinc.com/foggle.html

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