All 3 – a Revolution if you will

The last 12 hours saw more than my share of training. With a fun and busy tri season, wedding planning, audit career – studying for CIA exam, public speaking schedule – Toast Masters, training, oh and don’t forget about sleep I am more on then ever constantly on the move. Some days are easier than others, other days are harder than race days, and the hardest days are always the most rewarding…right? I mean that is what everyone wants us to believe.

In the spirit of never stopping last night was meant to be a relaxing recovery swim as Sunday randomly became a long run (thanks to Staci, she motivated me and kicked my butt into gear and got us outside for a 5 miler). Again I utilize the run walk strategy even with her, which is the most rewarding. I love running with her, it makes my day to train with her. To explain how we work the system/method into her distance. When I walk my 1 min she runs 45 out and 15 seconds back, while I power walk! I look damn sexy doing my power walk shuffle too! We then pick up the pace and resume our run for 4 mins. She doesn’t mind and it helps her keep her recovery runs at an actual recovery pace. With that explained, Monday night swim was suppose to be a recovery swim. 200 WU then 5x 200 at a steady pace that I could maintain over longer distances. Either I am more efficient or my swim endurance has finally begun to pick up because I was cruzing (alright I felt like I was cruzing), 200m in 3:18 average.

Recovered with a veggie dinner, watched the Amazing Race and passed out.

Alarm goes off at 5:12am and I am heading back to the gym for the AGTC, my local tri club’s Speeeeeeeeeeed workout. This was another fantastic speed morning. We did shuttle sprints together, more people are coming back to training now and motivating each other to pick up the slack and finish strong is getting better. And a special shout out to my blogger buddy DaynaTrisNYC who was at Speed this morning looking strong after her climb of Kilimanjaro read all about her trip there!

A few of us peal off and do a 30 min spin post speed workout, which was tough. An odd BRick of sorts but in the end I know the payoff will be worth the burn.

For the rest of the day I am working from home till I get enough energy back, motivate to do a few errands and head to a Toast Masters (public speaking seminar tonight in downtown Manhattan). phew….smiles and miles right!

3 thoughts on “All 3 – a Revolution if you will

  1. I think Neil needs to change the name of that workout from “Speed” to “run till you throw up and/or black out.” WOW did that hurt. I’m never taking 6 months off again! :-p Good to see ya this morning, thanks for pushing me and making sure I finished! Here’s to 8 more months of pain 🙂

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