GPS-based compositions

I find it amazing how the natural beauity of the world can be enhanced by music. The Bluebrain group has been doing exactly that, enhancing a pedestrian or possibly a runners exerience as you roam one of the countries most amazing parks, Central Park in NYC.

I will do my best to break it down for you. Download the ap on your smart phone. Initiate the ap as you enter one of the landscapes composed by Bluebrain, for instance The National Mall in DC. As you run or walk throughout the Mall, the music changes based on your phone’s GPS.

The attached link to Ryan Holladay’s TED Talk about really provides a fantastic overview of the purpose, journey and reasoning behind Bluebrain’s installation.

I cannot find the landscape for Central Park but I am searching high and low! I think this would be such an amazing application for runners. I always thought having your own theme song would be really cool, but this takes the cake. If anyone finds the Central Park ap, link, please share it!

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