Keeping Warm – Dont Stop moving!

It seems like everyone and their dog has something to say about how freakin cold it is outside. I got it, its incredibly cold, so cold iPhones freeze up, pups don’t want to go for walks and only the craziest of the crazies are outside training. How do you keep warm in this weather. Obviously you layer up, and let’s be honest….who out there has on some compression sox or pants on under their suit pants….is it just me? Really…

It is chilly

It is chilly

It seems almost everyone has turned inside. So to beat the cold I just don’t stop moving. I went from work yesterday straight home and speed walked the pup (we jog) she has zero ability to pace herself, its either all out or walking with her! I quickly threw on a swim suit and headed to Asphalt Green to swim, I only had an hour before my tri club’s SC (Steering Committee) Meeting to discuss important 2014 goals, objectives, gala plans, budget items and awards at 6:30pm…time was a-wasting. Again, this comes down to being the type of athlete who doesn’t panic and adapts his/her workout to meet the situation. Getting frustated about not making a distance gets you no where, metaphorically and literally.

Swim Workout: WU 2x 150swim and 50kick, main set 3x 500m at a steady pace for me I was able to average 8:45 and cool down…shower…run to the SC meeting.

Dinner, I always love cooking a quick healthy dinner and tonight was no acception. I made with Staci my amazing and loving fiance a panko crusted salmon. Take Salmon’s pink side (skin down) coat the pink with olive oil coat that with dijon mustard. in a separate bowl mix panko, salt & pepper (to taste) parsley and lemon zest. Cover the mustard coating to form a crust. Cooking steps: preheat oven to 450 meanwhile heat castiron skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil, swirl to coat, add salmon skin down, sear for 2 to 4 minutes depending on thickness. Place cast ironskillet in oven for 8 to 10 minutes depending on how you like it cooked and how thick the filet is, less for medium rare more for well done. Always check it before plating!!!IMG_0838

Post dinner I was spent, I snuggled up for a TV episode before the final dog walk for the night and heading to bed.

Wide Awake at 5:10 for speeeeeeeeeeeed workout with AGTC, gotta love training with friends, it is the only force that got me out of bed and off to the gym. I peaked at the temp, a warm 8 degrees felt like -11 as per iPhone, layered up, ski mask and all and sprinted to the gym.

Speeeeeeeeeeeed was excellent, shuttle sprints, the length of a baseketball court, plymetric work, hops, jumps, skips, butt kicks, planks, pushups, core work, side planks we did it all in the hour workout. Felt great and spent some time post workout shooting hoops with the guys. (see cover image)IMG_0840

Still on the move, ran home, showered, walked the dog, dressed for work compression on under the suit and ran to the subway. Damn MTA cannot do anything right and had delays today, got work and am spent!!!! If I could sleep at my desk for 20 mins I totally would, but hey at least I stayed warm.

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