New Beginnings

Last night was my Tri Club, Asphalt Green, new member meeting. It was a springboard to the new season, a fresh start, and a chance to meet some new triathletes.

The presentation was a great success, incorporating my personal area of interest the 2014 Official Club Race Series. I founded the club’s race series last season and it was a dynamite example of how to incorporate all racers of multiple abilities, age groups, and distances. The format is a simple yet effective one, based on a participation & completion point system. Only difficult part is formatting the race results from various events into a sreamlined method that allows for an excel lookup function amongst some other geek rule based formulas to tabulate the points.

After enjoying some cake the club headed out to a local watering hole to enjoy drinks and the stories from this season began to flow, and with those stories aspiration for the 2014 season began to formulate. However my formula for the race season is altered by my hip restrictions. This means a multitude of different things, but a key point is distance management. I have to constantly monitor, log, and track my running mileage because every time I go out for a run I put stress on the prostetic hip and this over time will desmission the effectiveness of the BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing – a form of hip replacement).

Well let’s say after enjoying a drink or two I went home and began to lay out the agenda for 2014, or as I titled the document Race Wish List-2014.



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • Thanks. I’m hoping they ask me to join the Rev3 team. I think it would be a great chance to expand my tri family and friends. Learn some cool things, and encounter new and exciting experiences. How has your experience been?

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