4th of July Training Day

Well this is a dated post but I was traveling for the Fourth of July and training on the road is always tricky. However the state of Maine could not have been a better place to train. Literally a training state, well as long as you don’t over eat lobster.

I took hundreds of photos of Maine the Lake House we rented, spots we hiked, biked and explored.

I swam nearly every day in the Lake right behind our rental. The water was chilly but with a speed suit on I managed to swim. However without a swimming buddy I kept things close to shore. Achieving the distances desired but not venturing to the middle of the lake. See first photo below.

I brought my bike but thought it rude to leave my party, girl friend and puppy alone for hours everyday. Instead I restricted myself to one semi long ride however it was up to the top of Mount Battie which overlooks Camden Harbor. A fantastic overlook point. The climb was nuts, super steep grade however the road was such crap on the way down I thought I was going to burn out the brakes. See photos two and three

I managed to do some the most running I’ve done to date. Three days of running 5miles 3miles and another 5mile run. I have to say Maine required running uphill both ways. It never freaking mattered which route I took out and back it was always UPHILL. I have no idea how that’s possible but it always felt like I was dying in the bright sun, relentless heat and killer hills.

I loved Maine but cannot tell you how amazing Acadia National Park was. Just amazing. I’m short on words but majestic seascapes giving way to lush green trees that carpeted the mountain sides. Living up to Maine’s motto “the Green state”.






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