Final 20 days

With the final push of training coming over the next 16 days as I hit the 20 day mark till race day I find the training has been hard work yet still fun, Monday night I swam over 2500 yards and explored a new kick drill. Using the kick board as resistance I named this exercise the tombstone. With the kick board half submerged you kick toward the open lane and name u hit a wall of natural water resistance. Tri it!!

This morning was a nice Steady state ride. Where the objective is to keep your heart rate in specific zones per each loop or segment of Central Park. I have attached here the Strava image but the HRM is in my Garmin, which will have to be displayed in a different photo I will provide in another photo.

The last photo was really cool. Last night while walking my pup we saw the firework testing for the 4th of July Macy’s spectacular.

Next week I am training in Maine, it’s going to be cold water and long ride, with hilly runs. I cannot wait!!



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