No more Lazy and Sleepy

Well today I fought off the snooze button demons and pulled myself from the comfort of my bed. It was extra difficult this morning because PT had been so hard last night. Lots of hard work:
30 seconds toe jumps quick as possible go straight into 30 seconds single legs switch legs and then rest 30 seconds repeat three times.
Jump trying to touch ceiling land centered into a shallow squat. 3 by 10

15single leg squats standing on bench for bench press to keep opposite leg off ground and in front of the weight bearing leg do this three times through.

Three sets of 15 Squats, Hip hinges, then jumping lunges focusing on exploding upwards and switching legs mid air

Planks center side lift leg rotate these with opposite arm lift with leg lift.

We did what we call power skipping which is more of a jump on single left and drive the elevated leg up keeping back straight.

Back position is the key throughout all these exercises.

Weight resistance:
Strap leg into weight machine and standing tall on the free leg use the strapped leg to make circles with the leg (move in a running motion) focus on sweeping leg back drive forward like a runners stride.

We did these and a few others with the TRX system I will get photos next week.

All I can say for my recovery ride is man I am happy I bring this “bully stick” to work everyday!!

Happy training. I’m sure everyone could benefit from mixing in a few of these exercises into their routines. Good luck. Let me know any questions and suggestions


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