Weekend wrap up

Wow what a great Saturday ride. We got in 4 repeats of alpine road and then continued on to ride a full 60 miles on the day. I have to say I had my work cut out for me trying to keep up with my old training buddies. However the long alone intervals on the bike brought many thoughts to the forefront of my mind, keep pushing hard and so it for Jack so when you get on the bike at the NYC Triathlon this July you can really motor because I’m going to have to approach triathlon differently. I’m going to have to save as much strength and energy on the bike in order to have the beat chance at running a solid run on my new hip. Therefore I need to build up as much endurance on the bike to balance out whatever minimal run training I can withstand pre race.

This all just raises more questions, but the one question that rings loudest is still; “is this possible”?

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