Wednesday’s are normally a BRick day (bike & run) but this time I joined Dr Jordan Metzel’s #Ironstrength workout group for the run portion of the BRick. 

#Ironstrength added variety to my strength routine. We broke the workout down to 3 segments. Here’s what we did. 

#ironstrength website link for registration and info about Dr Metzl

  1. Run: skipping up hill, jog down focusing on butt kicks. Sprint up the hill, jog down focusing on recovery (keeping your head up) before repeating execute 5 burpies. repeat adding an additional sprint up hill each repeat before doing burpies to begin the next set.   3 times 
  2. Core: 20 twisting side planks, going into 10 push-ups with a leg drive (mountain climbers between each push-up) and then 10 sit-ups. Repeat three times through…..wait there was more core….windshield wipers with butt lifts at the center.   
  3. Team wheel-barrel repeats up hill. These were great at building some new relationships and helped break the ice.     

Lots of fun was  had by everyone. Tons of calories were burned. Sweet was everywhere. 

There was some great added perks to the workout. InoV8 brand shoes was there to sample their new line of cross trainers. BuckWhat was on hand giving out samples post workout. Best feature of the day, was helping a fellow athlete begin their journey towards completing her triathlon dreams as I was able to give away a race entry to the Challenge Poconos race on August 16th!  


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