Some days are just better when it rains. This Sunday was not the type of race day conditions triathletes dream about. No, Sunday was far from it. 

Heavy humid air filled my lungs while setting up a rain proof transition area.  Which as you can see by the amount of space in T1 kept many athletes snuggled and cool inside their bed’s that morning.  

 Thanks to some excellent saddle protection provided by Challenge Family Triathlon as part of Quassy’s athlete swag my bike seat would remain dry (for now). Nothing worse than soggy saddle butt. There isn’t enough TriSlide available to stop that kinda discomfort.  

 I decided there wasn’t much more I could do to prevent the weather from soaking my things but here is my advice to my readers. Put your bike shoes and running shoes in separate plastic bags and turn them upside down so the sole is facing up. Place your transition towel over both bags to keep them as dry as possible. Put your sunglasses; or rain glasses in this case, inside one cleat and pray you remember not to crush them with your feet.  during T1. Put your gloves in the other cleat. Turn your helmet upside down on your handle bars and hope that this keeps things as dry as possible. Don’t bother with socks as they will only retain water and potentially give you worse blisters than without them. Spray a generous amount of TriSlide inside your shoes and cleats for added peace of mind. Additionally, bring a giant trash bag that you can put your now mostly empty transition bag into to keep dry (note mark the plastic bag or make sure it’s clear so no one throws it out). 

Obviously, during the swim you are already getting wet so suck it up buttercup, prepare for extra water while you wait for your swim wave. If you are in a later wave I suggest pulling your wet suit more than halfway on (leave it unzipped to stay warm and dry). Also I wear my entire kit inside the wetsuit no matter the temperature because no one needs a slow transition time. Use clear goggles for the swim, as always wipe them with Foggies to keep them clear.  This will allow you to spot the markers as you make your way towards the swim exit.  

 On the bike. If the air temp is cool or cold, wear a rain proof cycling shell. I like Pearl Izumi’s because it is breathable. Sunday was so humid I didn’t need it. However, for peace of mind it was great to have in my bag. 

While riding, stay safe, avoid taking turns at high speeds and puddles. You won’t know how deep a puddle is till it’s too late. Give other athletes plenty of space. Today is not the day to take unnecessary risks. Leave the flying squirrel dismount to the professionals, slowly dismount. 

T2 and the run. Again keep things simple by running without socks. Hopefully, the plastic bag, and upside down shoes kept your shoes dry. If you had any hot spots during the ride spray additional TriSlide on those locations to stop the chaffing. Avoid as many puddles as possible (without venturing off the course) while running. 

Remember your nutrition! Take in as many liquids and gels/bars as you normally would on a sunny day. I use PowerBar because it’s easy to digest, easy to open while on the move and finally it is easy to find at stores should you forget it on your kitchen counter as you rush out of the house.    

 Finally post race make sure you have a dry set of clothes to change into. Recovery bar along with a weather proof jacket and some dry shoes. 

Don’t let a little liquid sunshine ruin your next race. I hope these tips help you become a #weatherproof triathlete. 

Here are some helpful links:

  1. TriSlide http://www.sbrsportsinc.com/trislide.html
  2. Foggies http://www.sbrsportsinc.com/foggies.html
  3. PowerBar https://www.powerbar.com/nutrition-in-training/training

Finally, please share any helpful #weatherproof tips you might have by leaving a comment below. 


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